Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Aelian - Cave Funk (Ft. Mathieu Lagraula)

Holy shit balls. This track is our absolute favorite at the moment and we're playing it nonstop in the studio! Its not too overdone and its not cheesy, definitely a future hit! Aelian always releases promising tracks and I love the funk influence he throws into his electro, we hope he uses that same inspiration again and again because we absolutely love this! The formant bass will rip your head off and just before the drop when you think there is already enough bass, BAM! He throws in bass that will explode in your head! Don't say we didn't warn you haha! Great stuff from Aelian once again. 10/10!

Aelian - Cave Funk (Ft. Mathieu Lagraula) (Download link on Fb page) by Aelian

Aelian - Cave Funk (Ft. Mathieu Lagraula)

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